Video surveillance Acqui Terme


With a population of more than 20,000 units, the town of Acqui Terme is located in the province of Alessandria, in the south- eastern area of upper Monferrato, on the left bank of the river Bormida. The town has ancient origins: the oldest part, the current centre of the city, dates back to the Bronze Age and has been gradually developed both towards the plain and the hill. In more recent times – towards the end of the 15th century – the spa and the baths area has then developed.

In recent years the town has felt the need to enhance and improve the surveillance system used up to that moment which, now obsolete, was no longer able to guarantee the interests of public order in the city: on the one hand, the maximum security of citizens and, on the other, the control of tourist flows. It was in fact a traditional analog system in which each camera was connected to a central point of control in ISDN mode. “Despite being Acqui Terme a very quiet town, we also have problems related to vandalism and petty crime. The local police offers a very well organized 24 hours security service but it is not always enough to guarantee a 360 degree protection of all areas subject to risk, especially during the period of increased tourism, “said the Mayor of Acqui Terme.

To search for the best solution to the new needs, the municipality of Acqui Terme has relied on the advice of Revilla Networks company, which has opted for a video surveillance system built with Alvarion and Mikrotik wireless technology and Mobotix cameras. Thanks to the know -how of the system integrator , the old video surveillance system has been replaced by a modern wireless infrastructure –based on 6 access unit and 30 subsidiary mounted on the roofs of the buildings and some historical monuments, able to support the data and images transfer and exchange generated by more than 150 high-resolution IP cameras between the 3 locations around the municipality and the 14 servers located within the central and peripheral offices. The cameras are also wirelessly connected both to the Carabinieri and the Municipal police station, ensuring local authorities a real time transmission of high-quality images.