mobile apps creation

Mobile Apps

Applications or software downloaded to your phone or tablet  that are now also available for PC. These are very light programs that do not take up much space and allow you to do what you need to or what you are interested in. We are able to produce and manage apps for any device and operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS;, everything takes place in a few minutes between download and installation.

Apps can be used for several different functions: reading books, consulting a map, reading newspapers, getting information about a particular museum, finding an address and so on.

An app, for example, can allow customers to book or purchase your products online.
We can transform all your business ideas into apps.

video editing creation

Video Editing

We create videos and commercials. This is one of the most interesting fields, since video and photo communication is a fundamental method for disclosing information on the web.

The internet is a marketing tool while videos create emotions.

When shooting we use different techniques depending on the channel that will broadcast the video. The post-production (editing, color) completes the production of the video in its entirety.

The videographic part processes text and images, animations in 2D and 3D, logos, special effects, audio, and e-cards.

The activity of photo editing includes: photo books, still life and event photography (a photobook of special events, an event calendar etc).

e-commerce creation


Reduced costs and increased productivity are consequences of steps taken by a company, which aim to improve applied computer technologies and computerization.

We are in constant collaboration with our customers by providing technical assistance to create digital spaces and manage computer networks and security systems, including:

– Design, implementation and maintenance of the networks LAN, MAN and WAN;

– Management and maintenance of operating systems, workstations, servers, storage, databases and security systems (firewall and antivirus);

– Management and maintenance of backup and “Disaster Recovery” plans;

– Permanent technical assistance 7 days a week.

Real progress happens only when advantagesof a new technology become available to everybody.” – Henry Ford

web custom solutions creation

Video Surveillance

Security is a topic that goes hand in hand with technology. In 2005, we entered into a partnership with the city of Acqui Terme designing a video surveillance network connected to the forces of order that allows you to monitor more than 150 cameras.

Each video surveillance system is customizable according to the number of cameras and each project is implemented after a thorough analysis of the area to be covered by optimizing the resources available in respect of privacy and the regulations in force.

The video surveillance system is suitable not only for Public Administration, but also for commercial businesses, apartment buildings, companies or individuals, anyone who wants to get the security of citizens and that of their family under control.

We have programs and strategies to solve different business challenges